Learning the Steps of Filing Bankruptcy in Oneonta

“Where Do I Begin?”

As with most clients, you probablybankruptcy attorney in Oneonta, NY have a lot of questions about how the bankruptcy filing process works.

Because the process is so long and involved, our clients find that the initial 15 minute phone consultation with one of our Oneonta bankruptcy attorneys is usually one of the most important calls they’ve ever made.

Although we will need to meet with you in person for about two hours at some point, the first phone call allows us to gain basic information to determine if filing bankruptcy is the right course of action.

Because this is a very serious decision, you want to consider all possible solutions.

Our bankruptcy attorney in Oneonta will help determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

As part of the business, our lawyers have helped literally thousands of people just like you through a difficult financial time. Our job is to help you through the process to ensure a favorable outcome.

Our Oneonta bankruptcy attorneys are different

As we sit down to meet, an attorney will go over every step of the process for filing bankruptcy. At that time, we have the opportunity to uncover any potential issues that might arise, unlike most other attorneys that identify problems further down the line. We also take pride in being unique by starting the process of filing bankruptcy during that first in-person meeting, whereas other lawyers want full payment before doing anything.

Because our approach is different, we learn about your situation and any potential risks from the beginning. This allows us to serve you in a more efficient and effective manner.

This first two-hour meeting is a time of discovery but also a time for you to ask questions and for the two of us to begin building a trusting relationship.

Your Oneonta bankruptcy attorney will gain information by listening to what you have to say rather than requiring you to fill out a huge questionnaire.

You get answers immediately, and the relay of information goes directly into your case file. You will also have the chance to get all pertinent paperwork signed, as well as hand over documents the bankruptcy lawyer requested.

The two hours you spend with your Oneonta bankruptcy lawyer is critical. This starts the process of filing bankruptcy while putting your mind at ease. As professionals who genuinely care about our clients, we will provide all the support and guidance you need. To get started on your way to financial freedom, please contact us today.

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